First Track Program


Do you have previous college credits, Bible school training and years of ministry experience but… NO DEGREE?

Elshaddae Step Up University has developed a special program for qualifying pastors and Christian workers to earn a Master’s and/or Doctoral Degree in an accelerated schedule and at a discounted cost called the FAST TRACK PROGRAM FOR PASTORS. This program specializes in being flexible, accelerated and affordable.

You will be amazed how you can continue to fulfill all your ministry and family responsibilities while earning a Master’s and even Doctoral Degree.

For your convenience, the entire program(s) is available in our Online Programs.
The schedule and length of time to achieve your degree goal depends on you. You make the schedule.

Classes, exams and other resources are available on-demand – 24/7 – anytime and anywhere. The program is entirely flexible and all you need is your computer and a high speed Internet line.

The Fast Track Program is designed to be affordable so more pastors and ministers can participate. This program offers a 20% savings ($750.00 savings) over the standard graduate and post-graduate programs. See Tuition Fee Schedule. For more information and a full breakdown of cost for the Fast Track Program email

Full academic and technical support is available throughout the program.

  • Educate through the teaching and relevance of the Word of God.
  • Empower through anointing of the Holy Spirit.
  • Equip you for more effective ministry.

“I believe that one obstacle to revival is inadequate theological education. God can use theological education to prepare His church for a new reformation or for a new revival. More than once, revivals have come as a result of a rediscovery of biblical truth. Studies based on how the Scriptures emphasize key biblical terms are helping the church rediscover the role of the kingdom of God in the New Testament. – Randy Clark, world renowned evangelist and prophet Published in Charisma, March, 2012